Class Expectations and Syllabus

Honors and Standard Oklahoma History Syllabus


Instructor: Richard Lemin

Room 603



School phone: 405.735.4200

Planning period: 10:30 - 11:20 (3rd hour)



Honors Oklahoma History: This course examines the geographic and historical foundations of our state. Oklahoma’s past is studied from its prehistory through statehood with an emphasis on the writing skills and Internet search skills necessary to prepare students for upper-level Advanced Placement course work.

Standard Oklahoma History: This course examines the geographic and historical foundations of our state and will help prepare students to become knowledgeable and responsible participants in the global society. Oklahoma’s past is studied from its prehistory through modern times.


Course Outline:

Chapter 1: Oklahoma - Land of Opportunity

Chapter 2: Early Cultures in Oklahoma

Chapter 3: Arrival of the Europeans

Chapter 4: Conflict in Early America

Chapter 5: A Clash of Cultures

Chapter 6: New Land, New Beginnings

Chapter 7: Opening the West

Chapter 8: The Civil War

Chapter 9: Trouble on the Plains

Chapter 10: Rebuilding Indian Territory

Chapter 11: Boomers and Sooners

Chapter 12: Creating the 46th State

Chapter 13: Growing Pains

Chapter 14: The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

Chapter 15: War and Peace

Chapter 16: A New American Revolution

Chapter 17: Modern Times


Instruction: Students will engage in note-taking, discussion, writing, and map skills. Opportunities are available to experience Oklahoma culture and receive extra credit through a variety of extracurricular events.


Classroom Management: All regular school policies will be observed and class expectations will be discussed the first week of class.


Grading: Grades will consist of homework, class participation, chapter tests, extra credit, and a final exam. The district's grading scale will be used. Late work turned in after the end of the current unit will be given no credit.


Mr. Lemin’s Class Expectations   




1. You must be in your assigned seat when class begins or you will be counted late. [Exceptions will be explained during the first week of class.]

2. Assignments are due immediately after roll-taking. Late work is accepted the next time the class meets, but will be lowered at least one letter grade. It will be entered in the gradebook as a zero until it is turned in. Late work after the Unit Test (except for absences) will be given no credit.

3. All graded work is to be done by the individual student – collaboration (working together) is not permitted. Assignments that have been copied from another student’s homework or copied notes will be given a zero for the assignment and referred to the Freshman Office.

4. No gum, food, drinks, mints, or candy are permitted at any time. Only unflavored water (in capped, clear bottles) is allowed. Cough drops may be used with permission.

5. Use Agenda Hall Passes wisely. Do not ask to use the restroom during the lesson unless it is an emergency. Please wait until instructional time is complete. If you do not have an Agenda, you may not leave the classroom.

6. If you leave the classroom, take the Agenda Hall Pass with you - and leave your cell phone in the classroom.

7. At the end of the hour, stay in your assigned seat until the bell rings. Students may not sit on the floor during free time.

8. If you have been absent, you may download class presentations and/or homework assignments from the website. It is your responsibility to make up missing work. Ask for the notes you have missed.




1. You may bring your cell phone or a tablet to the classroom if it is turned off and put away when you enter the room. Do not use any kind of electronics unless given permission by the instructor. Repeated failure to comply will result in an office referral.

2. You may not charge your cell phone in the classroom.

3. Please put your backpack or book bag beneath your chair. Do not leave it in the aisle. You may not leave backpacks or sports gear in the classroom.

4. In the winter, do not bring blankets into the classroom.

5. Do not distract from instruction. You may not read or do other work during instructional time.